Dachshund vs Sloughi Comparison. Which dog is better for you: Teckel or Berber Greyhound?

Compare the Dachshund and Sloughi breeds to identify their similarities and differences. Are you trying to decide between a Teckel or a Berber Greyhound? Read on to determine which breed is the better fit for you

Other names

Teckel, Worshond, Tekkel Doxie, Tekkel, Bassotto, Sausage Dog, Weenie Dog
Berber Greyhound, Sloughi Moghrebi


What is the average weight of Dachshund and Sloughi?
21.5 pounds ( 10 kg )
11.0 pounds ( 5 kg )


What is the average height of Dachshund and Sloughi
8.5 inches ( 21.6 cm )
11.0 inches ( 27.9 cm )

Weight Gain Potential

Which breed eats more: Dachshund or Sloughi?

Dachshund tends to gain weight easily, needs increased exercise and playtime along with controlled food intake.

Sloughi has average obesity risk, needs balanced diet, daily walks, and weight monitoring.


Are Dachshunds or Sloughis hypoallergenic, or neither?


Unfortunately, neither Dachshund nor Sloughi are hypoallergenic, which may not make them the best choice for dog lovers who suffer from pet allergies.


What are the personalities of Dachshund and Sloughi dogs?


Shedding Level

Do Dachshunds shed more than Sloughis, or which breed sheds more, Dachshunds or Sloughis?

Dachshunds shed very little hair, making them a great choice for those who dislike excess hair in the house.

Sloughis are moderate shedders, but regular brushing can reduce shedding and maintain coat health.

Watchdog Ability

Which dog breed makes a better watchdog, the Dachshund or Sloughi?

Dachshunds are decent watchdogs - they'll alert their owner if something seems amiss.

Choose a Sloughi if you want a top-notch watchdog. This breed takes guarding seriously, and may not require much training, though obedience or guard dog training can improve their skills.


What is the origin of Dachshund and Sloughi dog breeds?

North Africa


What are the origins of Dachshund and Sloughi breeds?
Braque, Pinscher, French Basset Hound, Spaniel, Terrier

sight hound

Date of Birth

When were Dachshund and Sloughi breeds first developed?

ancient times

Litter Size

What is the usual litter size for Dachshund and Sloughi?

12-15 puppies per pregnancy

Dachshund and Sloughi, can have a litter of 12-15 puppies each on average. Nonetheless, it's important to keep in mind that litter size can differ significantly between individual dogs. Various factors such as the mother's health, breeding history, and genetics can have an impact on litter size.


Dachshunds are highly adaptable and versatile, making them excellent companions for families and individuals of all lifestyles.

Sloughis struggle with new environments and lifestyle changes, preferring familiarity.

Health Issues

Between Dachshund and Sloughi, which breed is more prone to health problems?

While the Dachshund breed is generally healthy, occasional vet check-ups are still necessary to address any health concerns.

Sloughis are susceptible to health issues like all breeds, so it's important to monitor their health and seek veterinary care when needed.

Major Concerns

What are the major health concerns for Dachshund and Sloughi breeds?
Intervertebral Disc Disease
Progressive Retinal Atrophy


Minor Concerns

What minor health issues should be kept in mind when owning Dachshund and Sloughi?
Cushing's Disease

Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Anesthesia Sensitivity/Allergy

Occasional Tests

What occasional tests are recommended for Dachshund and Sloughi breeds?
Blood Test
Hip X-Rays
(Dna Test For Pra)
Eye Examination

Thyroid Tests
Eye Examination
Allergy Tests


How do the energy levels of Dachshunds and Sloughis compare?

Dachshunds are suitable for those with a balanced lifestyle as they have an average energy level.

Sloughis thrive on an active lifestyle due to their high-energy nature.

Social Needs

Dachshund vs Sloughi social needs comparison

Dachshund has above average social needs and thrives with interaction with humans and other dogs.

Sloughi has average social needs and is less independent than other breeds.

Exercise Needed

Dachshund vs Sloughi exercise need comparison.

The Dachshund and Sloughi breeds require a moderate amount of physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are ideal for people who have a moderate amount of time to devote to their pets and enjoy regular physical activity themselves. They also make great family pets as they have the energy to keep up with children and the temperament to be great companions.

Sleeping Need

Which of the two sleeps the most/least: Dachshund or Sloughi?

Dachshunds have moderate energy levels and typical sleep patterns of 12-14 hours per day.

Sloughis are active and require sufficient sleep to stay healthy.

Drooling Tendency

Which drools more/less, Dachshund or Sloughi?

The Dachshund and Sloughi breeds are known for their low drooling tendencies, making them a suitable choice for people who don't want to deal with drool marks on their clothing.

Tendency to Bark

Do Dachshunds or Sloughis bark more/less frequently?

Dachshund dogs bark and howl frequently and are not recommended for quiet homes.

Sloughi dogs are generally less vocal than other breeds and only bark when necessary, such as to alert their owner or communicate.


Is the Dachshund or Sloughi a better guard dog?

While Dachshund dogs can defend their territory or owners, it's not their primary trait, and they are not ideal guard dogs.

Sloughi dogs are highly protective and make excellent guard dogs due to their strong instinct to defend their territory and owners, and their high level of vigilance.


Mouthiness Comparison: Dachshund vs Sloughi?

Roaming urge

Dachshund vs Labrador: Running away tendency?

Prey Drive

Dachshund or Sloughi - which breed has a higher level of prey drive?

Tolerance of being left alone


Which breed is easier to maintain in terms of grooming, Dachshunds or Sloughis?

The Dachshund has low grooming needs and is easy to maintain.

The Sloughi is a low-maintenance breed that doesn't require much grooming.


Comparing Intelligence: Dachshunds vs Sloughis

Dachshund and Sloughi have average obedience intelligence, but they're also independent thinkers. This breed is known for having an exceptionally high IQ, which means they may get into trouble if left to their own devices.

Sensitivity Level

How do Dachshund and Sloughi compare in sensitivity?

These breeds are more sensitive than others and easily overwhelmed by new surroundings and people. Dachshund and Sloughi need gentle handling and a calm, stable home environment with positive reinforcement training.

Affection Dependance

Which is the more affectionate dog breed: Dachshund vs Sloughi?

Apartment Friendly

Which breed is more apartment-friendly: Dachshund or Sloughi?

Dachshund and Sloughi are apartment-friendly dog breeds. They can do perfectly well in apartments providing they are sufficiently exercised and taken out and about as part of their owner's daily lifestyle.

Child Friendly

Do Dachshunds or Sloughis have a friendlier temperament towards children?

Dachshunds are not the best choice for families with kids.

Sloughis are good with kids if socialized and trained from a young age.


Which dog is more suitable as a pet for the elderly - Dachshund or Sloughi?

Cat Friendly

Do Dachshund or Sloughi breeds have a better compatibility with cats?

Dachshunds are average in their friendliness toward cats and tend to do well with them, especially if raised together.

Sloughis are not cat friendly.

Dog Friendly

Which breed is more sociable with other dogs: Dachshund or Sloughi?

Dachshunds are less friendly towards other dogs, but can improve with socialization.

Sloughis are average in their friendliness towards other dogs, and socialization can help.

Pet friendly

How do Dachshund or Sloughi dogs interact with other pets?

Stranger Friendly

Which breed is more friendly with strangers: Dachshund or Sloughi?

They can be below average friendly around strangers, being keen of eye and sharp of tongue, and very quick to announce strangers at the door. Once the visitor comes in, some Dachshund and Sloughi may be friendly and outgoing, while others can be standoffish or suspicious towards strangers.


Which breed is more playful between Dachshund and Sloughi?

Dachshund and Sloughi have an average level of playfulness. Like other dogs, they enjoy playing, but they are not the most playful dog breed.


How do the trainability levels of Dachshunds and Sloughis compare?

Dachshunds are popular for their ease of training and quick learning ability.

Sloughis are usually easy to train but require consistency to fully obey commands.

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